S O F T L Y    P O W E R F U L

The Introvert’s Guide To A Successful, Happy Life In An Extraverted World

Watch this video to learn how to join the world of “the modern successful introvert”

Does this sound like you…

  • You prefer to work alone and be in your own space to focus
  • You love to relax and simply ‘be’ without the pressure of having to do, do do all day long
  • You need plenty of time to recharge after lots of activity, people and stimulation
  • You sometimes feel awkward in social situations and want to leave early
  • You prefer intimate settings over big groups of extraverted, noisy people And lastly…
  • You’ve wondered if something is wrong with you – and if maybe you should “be more like everyone else?”

Here’s the truth…

There’s NOTHING wrong with your need for alone time, space and relaxation!

In fact, you are awesome. You are a rare and precious gem and the world NEEDS you to be the way you are. Right now, our world is far too over-stimulated, over-caffeinated, hyper-active and out of control. And all this crazy, extraverted, thoughtless activity is creating more and more problems by the minute.

Think about how how much better the world would be if everyone slowed down a little and actually took the time to THINK about what they were doing before bounding off, chasing the latest distraction or addiction.

What would happen if everyone took a deep breath and considered how to do things better before rushing around making a mess? What’s lacking in this crazy, extravert world is people like you who think before they act and are able to stop doing, doing, doing like headless chicken without an aim.

You are being called! The World Needs Introverts.

As an introvert, you are not ‘weird’ for your need to relax and think for yourself. You are not strange because you don’t like to be around people all day long all the time.

In fact, you are awesome just the way you are and you need to be given respect, appreciation and listened to. Being an introvert means that you’re more sensitive than most people. You have a deeper perspective on life and are already naturally stimulated by your own thoughts and ideas.

That’s why you don’t need tons of external stimulation to satisfy you. This is great because, with the right environment to thrive you are able to have genius ideas that the world needs!

The problem is – the world doesn’t understand you – and unless you create your environment the way you like it – you’ll be unable to fully express yourself. And that mean your talents, skills, ideas and knowledge is being wasted. That’s why it’s essential to learn how you can be successful in this crazy world we live in.

You need a new way to live your life so you can be true to yourself, and still be successful

And that’s why I’ve created the world first course dedicated to helping gentle, sensitive more introverted souls to thrive in the modern world, make a contribution and live life on on their own terms.


The Modern Introvert’s Guide To Expressing Your Unique Talents And Living Life On Your Own Terms

The Introverts Way To Create Incredible Success on the Outside While Staying Aligned On The Inside

The introvert program changed my life in seconds. I am now unstuck in a way I never have been before. I haven’t even listened to all the audios yet. It’s a fierce energy running through me. Unbelievable. Thank you.


Lauralai Sproul

Newport, California

I feel like you are channeling all my thoughts and feelings in this course. It is exactly what I have been feeling and sharing with my introverted children (4 of 6 of them are introverted)! Thank you for putting in to words so eloquently.

Mary Beth

Kenis, Austin, Texas

In this awesome audio course you will…

  • Overcome Anxiety, Overwhelm & Feeling Too Sensitive
  • Discover Your Own Unique Way of Living Your Purpose & Making An Impact without selling out and being fake
  • Learn How to Easily Create a Lifestyle that Works for Your (and allow you to have plenty of down time to relax and recharge)
  • Learn How to Successfully Deal with Social Situations (and even Come Out Energized!)
  • How to tactfully liberate Yourself from wasteful social obligations

You’ll  also discover…

  • Why it’s Okay to Say “No” to excessive socializing and Do Your Own Thing without feeling Guilty
  • Why You Are So Essential To the survival of our planet
  • Daily Rituals That Keep you Happy and Fully Aligned
  • The Number One Secret to Become Naturally Magnetic Without Being Extroverted
  • How to stop trying to fit in and Pretending to Be Something You’re Not
Are You Ready To FREE YOURSELF from The awkward moments Stress and Create The Time Space and Peace You want?

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in this mind-blowing program

  1. The Power of Introverts and Why the World Needs You
  2. The Growth of the Extrovert Ideal and the Emergence of the Personality Cults
  3. Discover Who You Are and What You’re Here to Do as an Introvert
  4. Your Own Secret Formula to Lasting Happiness
  5. How to Overcome Oversensitivity & Overwhelm
  6. How to Deal With Extrovert Situations like Work parties and Multitasking
  7. Why it’s Okay to Say ‘NO!’
  8. When to Say ‘Yes!’ And Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone
  9. Introverts 101: The Dos and Don’ts
  10. How to have Easy Business Success as an Introvert
  11. Increasing Your Own Power and Physical Energy
  12. What to do on a ‘Down Day’
  13. Understand Your Own Sabotaging Elements Within – Overcoming challenges/blocks/ego
  14. Know Yourself Deeper – What’s Your Life Really All About?
  15. Introverts Versus Extroverts – What’s the real difference?
  16. Ho’oponopono – ancient secrets to forgiveness & love for modern times

You’ll Also Get…

The Complete De-Stress Audio Collection

Proven Anxiety & Stress Relief. Relax In Minutes. 100% Guaranteed.


I have completed the first three audios and already my reality is shifting beautifully. Thank you so much! I am an extremely loving person, but now I feel much more at peace just going about my day with the intention to send everyone love and blessings. This is so powerful and seems to be a key component to success and happiness. How simple it is to give love. And how amazing one’s life will become when this is a constant practice. I thank you so very much. I love you both infinitely. Sending so much LOVE and BLESSINGS to you both

Amy Belson

Fairfield, Iowa

Dear Michael & Arielle

For years I had felt out of place. Different. Abnormal. I never really knew why I felt better away from big, noisy crowds. But I did. And I felt weird and ashamed because of this preference. Above all, my biggest fear was ‘missing out’ on life. How am I to make a difference, to leave a legacy if I can’t be like the majority of the world?

Over the years, I had somewhat just accepted my ‘abnormality’. But it was only when I listened to the SoftlyPowerufl audios that I realized my way of being (practicing my skills and amplifying my values in silence and solitude) was part of my grand life design. This program has helped me work towards making my mark in this world – by being who I truly am!

Thank you so much!

Much love,

Roelien Steenkamp

Simon's Town, South Africa


Just writing to thank you for the great audio about introverts, I am an introvert and I’ve always felt like there was something wrong with me, feeling drained at public places, not being interested in parties or bars, and just wanting to be at home cooking for my husband or to be alone with a book, and when you said that introverts lose energy when there’s a lot of people around, I literally said “SEE, I’M NOT CRAZY!” out loud.  I resonated a lot with this audio, and it made me feel A LOT better about me being just me, quiet little me!

so thank you!

much love,

Claudia Galllegos

Miami Beach, Florida

You are awesome and you need to be YOURSELF. That’s why you deserve to have this audio program

Why Do I Want You To Enjoy These Meditations?

I know YOU are a unique being, with unique desires, dreams and goals. These meditations can easily be applied for whatever you want. And to make this process even more specific and relevant to you, I will also be doing a live call for you about how to use these meditations to get the SPECIFIC results/experiences YOU want in your life. (Value $97) So stay tuned for that after you recieve your meditations. I will be asking you to share what specific goals and dreams you have and how you can attain them using these methods.

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Michael & Arielle,

Thank you for being you!  When I watched the promo video, I felt like it was made just for me.  As a business woman and community volunteer, I always feel so pressured and obligated to attend all the gatherings, parties, etc.  I’ve had to learn to follow my heart and say “no” more often.  I prefer time with small, intimate groups …. or, better yet, my husband and family.  So, it was so nice to hear you lay it all out in such a special, gentle way.

I shared the videos with my two sweet, quiet daughters and my introverted friend who suffers greatly from anxiety attacks due to crowds.  I know it will open their eyes to their true nature!

Love & Light,

p.s. Thanks for this gift.  I always knew this was me … and was comfortable with “me” … but it just feels sweet to know it is more common than I knew.  :))”

Mary Beth Kenis

Austin, Texas

Dear Michael and Arielle,

  I was recently questioning my nature of being an introvert. I never had any incentive to go outside and meet new people outside of school. Yet I realize how important it is for someone like me who will eventually have to deal with people since I aim to become a successful manga/comic artist (or entertainment business owner) someday. Particularly my mother has been trying to push me to go out and meet people and I keep refuting her each time she nags me on it. Despite her trying to get me to go out it has questioned my personality and lifestyle, and heck I even turned to internet forums for suggestions.   During all of this, I miraculously came across your Softly Powerful course and thanks to it, it helped me reaffirm my place in the universe and to continue my thoughtful path, instead of letting the various pressures shove me into unwanted territory. I still have to re-listen to the various audio tracks since I still need to figure out what I can improve upon, but the book recommendation “Quiet” by Susan Cain is a great read so far.   In all thanks for the wonderful and well timed guide to introversion. It really encouraged me to continue pursuing my artistic calling.

Mike Persin

Hobart, Indiana

Your complete peace of mind money back guarantee

This program comes with a solid 100% peace of mind money back guarantee. We believe all the risk should be on us – not you. We believe you deserve to test drive this program out for yourself without any worry what-so-ever. When you start this program, you will have a complete 60 days to tune in, listen to the audios, enjoy the meditations and experience the shifts in your life. If for any reason what-so-ever you feel this program is not for you, simply email us and we will give you a prompt and loving refund. Need help or have any questions?  Simply email us at: info [at] awakenedacademy [dot] com

To contact us email: info [at] awakenedacademy [dot] com. Or reach us by mail at: Liberated Life LLC, PO BOX 1231, Kilauea, HI, 96754, USA

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