Magic Money Meaning

At the end of your life… will you look back with a deep sense of fulfillment, purpose and peace…

or with a feeling you wasted your life and could have done so much more?

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.
Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

– Steve Jobs

Does this sound like you?

• You feel like you should be so much further along your path – like you’re behind in your own life

• You feel irritated, and if you’re honest, resentful of others sucking up your precious time (and you feel even more upset with yourself that you let them)

• You try to please everyone else and you don’t speak your truth at times

• You don’t want others define you and yet find yourself looking to others to define you

• You feel overloaded, overcommitted and overwhelmed – you’re spreading yourself too thin

• Money is a constant problem and energy drain – you don’t want to worry about it anymore

If you resonated and related to the words above, you’re probably a deeper soul.

As a deeper ‘old’ soul, it’s no wonder if other self-help stuff hasn’t satisfied you, because most of the personal development support out there is designed for newer souls who are not as deep as you, and who don’t see the world like you do.

You’re tired of all the hype and BS and just want to return back to your natural state of peace that you used to have.

It’s up to deeper, older souls to awaken their spiritual powers and facilitate world transformation.

This is a very special time now on the planet – it’s your time to shine.

Our human family needs your help.

And it starts with you discovering your dharma – your true soul purpose and sharing that with the world.

As you awaken to your own inner powers, you can enjoy living life on your own terms, attracting magical synchronicity, abundance and opportunity to make a positive contribution.

That’s why we created…

The Practical Getting Started Blueprint for Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

Magic Money Meaning

Here’s What’s Possible For You
By Completing This Rare Audio Program

  • You’ll free yourself from overwhelm, stress and exhaustion (that comes from not living your dharma)
  • You will feel relieved and relaxed, knowing you’re finally on your own true path
  • You can get out of the ‘dollars for hours’ trap and begin monetizing your intuitive gifts – earning an income doing what you love and serving others
  • You’ll begin enjoying self-care, relaxation, down-time, ease and refreshed energy
  • You’ll start to finally feel “Ahhhh….. Now I see and appreciate all of the good and blessings in my life”
  • You’ll have a clear 90 Day Plan for exactly what you need to do to move forward with ease in your life starting now
  • You’ll start having the best day ever
  • And each step you take will move you effortlessly into your dreams

Living your Dharma is about honoring your true self and creating positive change in the world using your innate gifts.

You’ll know it when you feel it.

And that feeling…

It’s like nothing else. When you actually feel at peace with your life and the way you’re using your time and energy, you’ll experience real, authentic vitality.

For the first time (maybe ever) you’ll feel energized from within. You can forget the coffee, tea, energy bars etc. (though, by all means, you can still enjoy these) – but you won’t need them.

When you’re living your dharma, you are energized from the inside out. You begin generating a natural capacity for boundless energy and joy, as you are happily living in alignment with your soul’s frequency and blueprint.

Imagine the amount of energy it takes to resist that which you are born to make manifest! It’s as if every cell in your body is screaming one thing, and yet, you’re trying to go the opposite direction.

Um, no wonder you’re tired all the time!

Living your dharma will naturally energize your life. You will easily have the money, time and freedom you’ve been working so hard for.

So jump off that train wreck waiting to happen, and come aboard this ship to your own personal paradise… it’s called the magical land of your Dharma.

And begin living in:

MAGIC – Magical moments of synchronicity, magical periods of flow that are steeped in the wonder and joy of being alive

MONEY – Freedom and contribution… do what you love – have the freedom to travel and create the lifestyle you deserve

MEANING: Live a life of deep purpose, clarity, and dharma

The 5 Stages of your
Magic Money Meaning Program

S T A G E  1

Magic Money Meaning

Relax. Calm Down. Get Grounded.

In this stage you will…

  • Take a deep breath, let go and relax. Discover how to stay calm and peaceful amidst the ‘crazy world’ we live in so you can show up for your life from a centered and clear inner space
  • Learn how to work ‘easy’, free of stress and struggle so you can get three times as much done in half the time (and have more time to relax and ‘be’)
  • Return to your Inner Knowing and Intuitive Guidance (and feel confident to trust it) so you have a reliable and accessible source of answers to turn to whenever you need it
  • Learn a unique way to let go and release negative emotions and tension in your mind and body so you can actually relax and go deep while you’re resting
  • Experience the magic of being ‘centered’ and able to handle all situations so you can be more effective in your communication and avoid unnecessary drama

S T A G E  2

Magic Money Meaning

Tap into Your Magical Soul Purpose
& Monetize Your Intuition

In this stage you will…

  • Monetize your intuition by discovering how to make money doing what you love and using your innate genius
  • Discover what life has prepared your for so you can maximize your service to others by drawing upon what you already know
  • Get super clear on your vision, your mission & your BIG dreams so you actually know where you are going, and can prepare and take action accordingly
  • Create your own practical 90 Day Success Plan to start living your dharma and take your first steps starting now
  • Understand your strengths and refine your strongest gifts to translate into service, wealth and fulfillment
  • Find out exactly how to use your unique skills and talents to help others and get paid

S T A G E  3

Magic Money Meaning
Magic Money Meaning

Practical Daily Success System for Instant Upgrades In Your Daily Life

In this stage you will…

  • Start enjoying between (80-95%) of your Personal Best Day Ever within 1-2 weeks max
  • Cultivate the magic and power to overcome self-doubt/self-sabotage and really do what you need to do (even if you’ve failed at sticking with it before)
  • Learn how to overcome resistance to success and taking action so you can DO what you need to do consistently to create the life and results you want (momentum is key!)
  • PLUS you’ll create Daily Bliss Rituals to make you feel AMAZING, super relaxed and productive + Daily Success Rituals to make money & impact

S T A G E  4

Magic Money Meaning
Magic Money Meaning

STAY Successful! The Proven Method to Make 100% Sure You Stay on Track and Really Make Things Happen!

In this stage you will…

  • Learn to successfully navigate through ‘off days’ and stay positive and in alignment with your true path
  • Realize the special support mechanisms to ensure you do what’s good for you (even when you don’t feel like it)
  • Discover the ‘Constant Contentment’ method to stay happy even when things seem stressful
  • Create your personal nourishment routine that refreshes you and keeps you feeling inspired and motivated

S T A G E  5

Magic Money Meaning

How to stay safe and successful
(no matter what happens)

In this stage you will…

  • Learn the deeper reasons why the old social-economic system is currently falling apart and taking everyone who are attached to it down like the sinking titanic
  • Discover all the extraordinary new possibilities, opportunities, and abundance only available for people who are living in the new paradigm (not many people know this)
  • Learn about ‘Vanish’ (Destruction) Forces and how they work to teach us personal lessons
  • Realize how to create good karma in real life
  • PLUS You’ll understand how to CLEAR past karma and why this is the most important things you can do

What People Are Saying About
Magic Money Meaning

“I Attracted Over $60,000”

“When I started the Magic Money and Meaning course, I had the vision to get a 4.0, attract $10,000 and be accepted into a fellowship program that is aligned with my dharma. Well… I achieved all three (and 6x the abundance!). I just feel so blessed, I will be doing something I love right out of college and get to pay back all my student loans. Thought it was amazing and just wanted to share what I had been working on!”

Christy F.

Senior at Russell Sage College

“Propelling Me Forward And

Discovering My Life Purpose”

“Michael was a potent catalyst in propelling me forward: discovering my life purpose. It was easy to be myself without any fears of being misunderstood. I so appreciated his luminous, guiding light.”

Pargash Giorgo

Entrepreneur and Author of 'Cancer's Greatest Gift

“Thank you for showing me that there is a path for me”

Magic Money Meaning is NOT like the other stuff – the other stuff  which was full of empty promises and false truths; stuff you used for a day and gave up forever. Magic Money Meaning was entirely relevant, unique, real and profound. It is what my soul always knew, but could never finds words or ways of expression for.”

Roelien Steenkamp

Founder of Nani Skincare

“I am now proud of my gifts and strong enough to really make a difference… FINALLY!!!”

“As soon as I began Magic Money Meaning, my wealth increased; new opportunities, propositions and projects came into my life. It is all really coming together and I am looking forward to everyday like a ‘miracle magic day’… and oh how happy I am!”

Taja Devi

Performing Artist, Vocalist, Pianist, Firedancer

“Dreams came true as the company I was visioning became a reality…”

“I’ve been living in natural magic since the day I synchronistically stumbled across Michael’s brilliant work. Magic Money Meaningpushed me to grow to my full potential as I work to make a profound difference in the world.”

Amy Miller

Artistic Director, Transcendence Theatre Company

Are You Ready to Start Living
Your True Calling and Monetizing
Your Intuitive Gifts?

Here’s Exactly What You Get in Your 6 Week
Magic Money Meaning Getting Started Blueprint for Spiritual Entrepreneurs:


Full Access to Magic Money Meaning 6 Week Audio Course: The Practical Getting Started Blueprint for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

You receive access to 6 weeks of revelation-packed audio classes. Each week’s audio sessions will build on the last and guide you into establishing and grounding in new ways of living your life that are in true alignment with your soul, heart and purpose.

These audios will awaken within you the blueprint of your dharma and the knowing of your gifts. As you move forward from week to week, you will be given practical home-play exercises to easily move into your renewed and aligned reality.

($225 Value)


Full Access to Premium Guided Meditations and Healing Sessions

You receive access to three deeply soothing and relaxing guided meditation healing journeys:

1. Releasing Tension: Letting Go & Surrender

Imagine taking a journey in your mind to calm blue waters. You will be bathed in sound and guided into surrender and deep peace, so you can awaken a peaceful and centred state of being anytime. (This can be a life-saver to have downloaded on your phone, to listen to anytime, anywhere when you need to come back home to yourself and your inner reservoir of peace).

2. Holographic Sound Healing

Allow your body to soften into a deep state of healing and re-balancing. Holographic sound healing is created through quartz crystal bowls and intuitive vocal tones. This session is deeply heart opening and will help align your own Personal Will with the Will of the Divine.

3. Relax and Slow Down

This meditation will bring you into that ‘on vacation, at the beach’ feel. You will relax into the here and now and be guided into a relaxed state of total peace, so you can think clearly and approach your life with gentle care and consciousness.

($57 Value)


Spiritual Entrepreneur Workbook

You will receive a companion workbook alongside your audio sessions. Whenever you bring pen to paper, you are bringing spirit into form, making an idea a physical reality. These written exercises are the first step in you actualizing your dreams and visions.

($25 Value)

Discover your true calling, attract wealth, release stress and fully embrace your dharma.

Enroll Now

Have questions?
E-mail and ask us anything you’d like.

We’re putting this invaluable training together because none of us know how long we’ve got, do we? Our time could be up at any moment and who knows when the economy will collapse as has been predicted countless times already.

We really care about you and we don’t want you to look back on your life with regret, not having had the courage to live a life true to yourself.

You have pure gold inside you and we’re thinking of you and how much we know your life can change. We’ve seen it happen in our own lives and the hundreds of people we’ve helped. We want you to know that even if you don’t always believe in yourself – and even if you may not have had the easiest life – you CAN turn things around. You truly can, and we know you’ll look back on this day and be glad you took a leap of faith and created a truly remarkable life for yourself.

Every second of your life is precious. Make each moment count starting right NOW and let’s make this world a more beautiful place. Each one of us is lighting our own lamp and moving forward from there.

You deserve to live the life you love NOW and you will be there to help others when they need help. You’re a special soul and the world needs you.

Sending you love,

Michael and Arielle

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