Watch this video to discover how your ‘Inner Self Image’
is either draining your energy, bank account and level of joy…
Or increasing it (this simple method took me 10 years to discover
and I’m excited to share it with you in this video!)

Inner Self Image

The Program has 3 Simple Steps

STEP 1. Journey deep into your inner world

Guided by the meditation, you will journey deeply into your sacred subtle inner world to see and feel your CURRENT Inner Self Image. Through this process, you will gain profound insights into your life, your patterns, and why things are the way they are now. This is healing in itself.

STEP 2. THE MAGIC: Transform your Inner Self Image

Once you have revealed your Inner Self Image, you will tap into this Limitless Source of Possibility. As this happens, as if by magic, your Inner Self Image transforms into a higher version of yourself, capable of changing your feelings, thoughts, and cells and sending out new vibrations to the universe.

STEP 3. Ground in the NEW YOU

Once you experience this shift, you will be open to accept this new reality. Feel it in your body, write it down & share it with others. This step enables you to go from inner fantasy to practical reality. In this step, you bring this NEW YOU into your practical reality and begin to realize real life shifts easily. Upon receipt of this program, you’ll be able to dig right in by watching the easy to follow video. It’s that easy.

What people are saying about the
Inner Self Image Program

“I loved it! I would suggest people do it in the morning as it makes the whole day really exciting.”

“It really helped me be clear about who I am and the person I want to be in the physical form. It was a lot of fun and it brought joy to my life doing it!”

“The program has replaced fear with positivity and I feel confident that things are going to work out just as they should and I will be able to handle the bumps because that is part of the process.”

“It helped me let go of lots of things that were keeping me from moving forward to know I could now set goals and be happy with who I am in the present now.”

“It has somewhat of a RESET effect on me, untangling me from all my obligations, worries, deadlines etc. and gives me this fresh WHAT IF perspective.”

Let me explain how this is going to help you…

Changing your Inner Self Image saves you TIME

When you are living within a distorted Inner Self Image, you do little things every single day that are not what you really want. Due to old programming and negative patterns, you unconsciously react from previous conditioning and live out of alignment with yourself. When you add up all these unconscious moments, it literally amounts to years of unproductive time.

Changing your Inner Self Image saves you MONEY

Let’s be honest. When you act from a place of “poverty” or “need,” you make poor choices by doing and acquiring things in an attempt to make you feel better, more affluent. When you are living in alignment with your higher destiny and the NEW YOU, your money is not wasted on ineffective material means to fulfilment. And you also won’t need endless personal development books & retreats totalling thousands of dollars.

Changing your Inner Self Image saves you from PAIN, STRUGGLE and HASSLE

As you re-connect and re-align with who you REALLY are and shift your life to being productive, stress-free and focused, your level of joy increases. You become free from the struggles and stresses of a life that arise from a negative inner self image. You are happy.

What do you get?

The Inner Self Image Program is a 21-day life transformation system that includes everything you need to create deep inner changes to your self image

The Living in Magic Inner Self Image Meditations

The foundation of the Program is the Inner Self Image Guided Journey. This powerful meditation takes you on a journey to discover and then transform your own inner self-image. There are two parts to the journey, the full version (to acquaint you with the process) and the condensed version (for faster access to this state so you can do it any where, anytime).

Gain more valuable insights on how your inner world creates your other world and how to apply the Inner Self Image System to various aspects of your life including:


• Use the Inner Self Image process to improve ANY Relationship – and make it last!


• The Top 2 Secrets to Creating Money & Abundance


• Discover how the Inner Self Image Program helps you tap into the unlimited healing field so you can Experience Better Health


• Learn how you can fast track our manifestation abilities as you visualize your new projects, goals and outcomes

in these 5 powerful sessions will learn:

– How you can stay focused so you are able to get more done in less time and enjoy far greater spiritual experiences

– How to manage your emotions so you are more stable, centered and relaxed

– The Ins and Outs of Spiritual Freedom (that most people have never even heard about)

– and so much more…

What more people are saying about the
Inner Self Image Program

“Seeing my current image and then another one vastly improves emotion and movement. Getting unstuck and presenting where I am at.”

“The quietness of the meditation is very healing for me.”

“I practice and have for many years Naam mantra mediation and breath mediation, and I am a single mother in NYC so the quietness I am really enjoying, the guidance is also very healing as I get to surrender and stop driving the boat so much :)!!”

“Helped me be clear about who I am and the person I want to be in the physical form”

“I love this program. Seeing my current image and then another one vastly improves emotion and movement.”

“Getting unstuck and presenting where I am at.”

“Connects me to my essence/soul/source”

“It gives me continual sight into where I hold myself back and how I view myself, where the images get distorted thus the outside world is distorted”

“Gives me sight into why I have certain habits, based on my conditioning from all sources and experiences, including myself.”

“Lightens my heart and gives me hope”

“Connects me to my dharma and the intuitive reality of that purpose”

“Brings softness into my being and allows me to be in a greater space of love towards myself, all things and others as a result.”

Are you ready to upgrade your
Inner Self Image?

Discover the magic that is waiting within you right now.
Gain access to the secret key that will transform
your inner and outer worlds.

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Your complete peace of mind money back guarantee

This program comes with a solid 100% peace of mind money back guarantee.

We believe all the risk should be on us – not you. We believe you deserve to test drive this program out for yourself without any worry what-so-ever. When you start this program, you will have a complete 60 days to tune in, listen to the audios, enjoy the meditations and experience the shifts in your life.

If for any reason what-so-ever you feel this program is not for you, simply email us and we will give you a prompt and loving refund.

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