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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read plenty of books, gone on retreats, watched all kinds of youtube videos about spirituality and ascension. You’ve probably seen ‘healers’, tried alternative therapies, bought candles, essential oils, a yoga mat and eaten raw food. And you’ve probably heard plenty of gurus tell you all about enlightenment and how easy it’s meant to be.

But the most important thing isn’t how much you’ve read or heard about.

The most important question is…

Are you living the life you love, on your own terms, and attracting what you want to?


Are you prepared for whatever may happen in our unpredictable, rapidly changing world?

Are you feeling that deep inner peace, nourishing light in your body and a sense of profound awe about the magic of life and your own existence?

Or, do you still feel stuck in a rut, working in a job you don’t love, lacking true love in your life and feeling stagnant spirituality?

You’re likely feeling happier since receiving your Ascension Breakthrough Kit.

And the next step we’d like to help you with is upgrading your only true source of wealth so you can stay safe, abundant, happy and at peace with life no matter what’s going on.

Michael Mackintosh

Michael Mackintosh is an Author, Spiritual Teacher and Transformative Healer. He connects to the Eternal, Spiritual realm to upgrade, shift, and transform people’s lives. He brings 15 years (and over 10,000 hours) deep spiritual practice to his powerful work and has helped over 12,000 people to transform their lives, and awaken to the global shift in consciousness that’s happening right now.  He’s also the co-founder of SuperHero Training, OmBar Chocolate Company, The Academy of Dharma & Atma Publishing.

The World Is Going Through A Process of Ascension
– and YOU are part of it!

But the question is – are you aligned with the new changes that are happening – or are you still stuck in the old systems and old ways of being that no longer work?

Big changes are happening in the world right now.

The old systems, old companies, old ways of living that used to be reliable are falling apart. The global economy is teetering on the edge of collapse and wars, conflict, illness, violence, abuse and endless forms of suffering are increasing each moment (if you can bare to look into it).

No-one can guarantee you a job and no one knows what tomorrow holds. We could have sun, storms, or earthquakes and nothing is guaranteed or predictable.

What we do know for sure is that the old paradigm systems are collapsing – and as they do, those who are attached to the old ways of being are being pulled under with them like a tsunami.

The bad news is that if you are still attached to the old paradigm you could be caught off guard when things happen suddenly and have no way of dealing with it.

Maybe you are already feeling the effects of this process of transformation.

If things are not working out for you right now it’s because you’re still operating on an old operating system that no longer works in the new paradigm.

To survive and thrive in the new paradigm, you need to shift your level of consciousness out of fear and into freedom.

So if you want to succeed in tomorrow’s world you need to focus all your energy on just 3 things.

1. Raising your level of consciousness

2. Increasing your spiritual accumulation

3. Aligning yourself with the new paradigm

If you’re ready to make this shift of consciousness you can instantly begin creating TRUE wealth and fortune, the kind of wealth you can never lose no matter what the economy is like or how many natural calamities there are.

And that’s what this 21 days to Freedom program is all about…

The old paradigm was all about creating physical wealth and cluttering up your life with physical possessions. We were sold the lie that the more stuff we had, the happier we would be. The more we shopped the better our lives would be.

Sadly, our shopaholic, consumerist world is ironically in severe debt and economic crisis with record rates of depression, stress, anxiety and fear.

It’s safe to say that the old paradigm consumerist idea has failed us and is in the process of being dismantled.

How do you enter the new paradigm and increase your spiritual bank account?

(This is the missing piece in the puzzle that few people even know about)

We all have a spiritual bank account (or Karmic Bank Account), but because it is ‘unseen,’ no one talks about it.

It’s the best kept secret on the planet – it’s the one account that rules our entire lives, and yet we pay so little attention to it.

Your spiritual bank account correlates with your level of consciousness and the level of connection you have with Source.

When your level of consciousness and connection is low, your bank account is low. You’re in debt and you feel low; spiritually bankrupt. It may not be obvious and blatant, but deep down, you feel it.

~Tune in right now~ Check in with yourself…

Where is your spiritual bank account at?

(Hint) You can tell by the quality of experience you are having. Does your life seem to be one drama after the next? Are you never catching a break to simply breath and enjoy the magic and wonder of life? If yes, your spiritual bank account is low.

Or, are you overflowing with wealth and abundance on all levels of life? Are you happy?  Do you feel full and able to give and serve? Are you fulfilled, content and satisfied?

Your level of consciousness and spiritual bank account are the sole cause of your success or failure in life

It’s a relief to finally discover the real cause of happiness, health, abundance and success – and know how to get away from stress, anxiety, lack and failure.

Once you know your spiritual bank account is your real bank account you can begin to fill it up and watch as magic begins to happen in your life.

Today, the average human is spiritually bankrupt – their bank account is low and their level of consciousness is low. They have a lack of connection and are in debt.

Now is the time to change it. Can you feel it?

We’re at a very powerful time in history when we can actually begin to ascend; to rise in our level of consciousness. Until now, we haven’t been able to do so.

Have you noticed the people around you changing? More and more people are becoming interested in things like spirituality, karma and dharma.

It’s the Confluence age – a special time of great change when higher knowledge is finally available to us, along with particular methods to ascend in our level of consciousness and create the good karma and fortune that will serve us now and well on into the future (not to mention into future lives as well).

This is the most important time, and raising your level of consciousness and accumulation in your spiritual bank account is the most important thing.

It’s your life we’re talking about. Your karma; your destiny.

Once you learn how to ascend in your level of consciousness, there are no limits as to how far you can progress, or the wonders you can achieve.

You can attain everything.

Are you ready to learn how?

The Choice is Yours: Do you want to become a magnet for lasting peace, freedom, joy and abundance?

Or do you want to keep living in the old paradigm, putting up with low states of being and attracting more stress, lack, drama and problems?

The truth is most people are not ready to awaken and ascend.

Change isn’t easy and the attraction to the old paradigm is still too strong for most people to resist. Why? The ego doesn’t want to die and it’s challenging to embrace a completely new way of being, especially if you’re not used to it and almost no-one else is doing it.

But ultimately, it’s far more painful to keep going down the wrong road, getting more and more bankrupt, distressed and lost than it is to change. So for those rare souls who are willing to do something different and are tired of being slaves to the ego and lower consciousness, it’s time to change circumstances on the outside by transforming and taking responsibility for your inner world!

As within, so without.

When you ascend in your level of consciousness and fill up your spiritual wealth stocks, good fortune and ease become the new norm on all levels of your life.

What happens in your life when you
raise your level of consciousness and
accumulate in your spiritual bank account?

The Transformation in Your Happiness


Living from the Ego Self

Push away true happiness: In a lower state of consciousness, such as guilt or shame, you’ll push away the life experiences that will bring you true happiness. You will be closed to receiving the blessings before you.

Drama, trauma or other fears come true: Whatever your greatest fear is, you will attract it. For example, if you fear you’ll lose all of your money, you might lose your job or accumulate a large fine.

Tug-of-War: At consciousness levels of anger and ego, you will be in a constant fight and struggle with life. Every day will feel like an ongoing tug-of-war.


Living from your Higher Self

Attract true happiness: In a higher state of consciousness, you will welcome in the experiences which bring true happiness and bliss. You will be energetically compatible with pleasant and easeful experiences and will feel true happiness.

Unlimited good fortune:  You will effortlessly attract an abundance of wealth, happiness and love into your life. Your experience will be of great fortune and more than enough for all.

Ease and Grace: Life will flow with an easeful rhythm. Your consciousness will be simple and at peace and your outer world will reflect this.

The Transformation in Your Relationships


Living from the Ego Self

Won’t recognize true love: When true love shows itself, you won’t recognize it. Your lower level of consciousness may also push away the love that is already present for you from someone in your life today. Love will keep knocking on your door, but you won’t be able to let it in.

Unfaithful lovers and drama: When you don’t fully love and respect yourself, you attract partners who will not love and respect you either :-(. This leads to drama and heartbreak.

Constant Arguments: You will find yourself always in some form of an argument with your partner. It will seem there is always something to be fighting about and rarely will there be simple peace and cooperation.


Living from your Higher Self

Attract True Love: You will allow the love of your life to enter into your life, or you will further deepen the connection with the partner you are with. If the one you are with is not aligned with your higher level of consciousness, you will joyfully attract one that is.

Unconditional Love: You will attract a relationship of unconditional love, where you love and respect each other for who you truly are.

Soul Companion: You will relate to your beloved as a spiritual being, rather than a person/ego. You will experience deeper spiritual awakening and growth through you soul-based relationship.

The Transformation in Your Wealth


Living from the Ego Self

Struggle to make ends meet:  Your consciousness level of unworthiness automatically shuts the flow of money to you and you attract financial hardship and find it hard to make ends meet.

Working hard for very little: You unconsciously think there isn’t enough money to go around, and so you end up working harder and harder and yet become poorer and poorer.

Win/Lose Situations: You make a lot of money, but it’s from a place of greed and ego. You might ‘win’ at the expense of others losing, and so, you end up losing too. When you are not generating money from a place of ‘the highest good for all’, you are destined for karmic and financial bankruptcy.


Living from your Higher Self

Wealth consistently flows: At your high level of consciousness, you see money as neither good nor bad and understand it to be energy that helps you facilitate freedom, service and compassion. Money flows freely in your life.

Able to live your dharma: You have a greater good in mind and heart that you contribute your money towards. This helps you attract more than enough so you may do service for others with your wealth.

Money is a support to you: Money flows generously into your life and helps you fulfill your true purpose without fear, frustration or struggle. You are able to fund and support your dreams, and those of your loved ones, easily and with joy in your heart.

The Transformation in Your Dharma


Living from the Ego Self

Stress, sadness and emptiness: You settle for the path that society’s expectations have programmed into you. You ‘sell your soul’ and work like a slave in a job that hurts you and weakens your life force. You feel burnt-out, stressed, unhappy and deeply unfulfilled, and also struggle with health issues.

Trapped and stuck: You stay in the ‘rat race’ and continue in the dollars-for-hours trap. You might even cry on your way to work you hate it so much. But how to get out?


Living from your Higher Self

You are living your dharma: You are fully living your soul’s true calling, serving others with your unique gifts. If you don’t work for yourself, the job you do is the kind of job that you would do even if it didn’t pay you money – you love it that much.

You do what you love and get paid: You do what you love, everyday, and get paid generously for your service to others and humanity. Your heart sings in unison with all of life and you are fully supported and nurtured by the law of ascension.

The Transformation in Your Health and Beauty


Living from the Ego Self

Expensive medication and burden: You accumulate long-term chronic pain or disease caused by your lack of self-love and self-realization. Stress wreaks havoc on your body, and medication and treatment is very costly, and is a burden upon your loved ones.

Lack of energy and loss of vitality: You feel constantly drained and tired. Your body aches and no matter how many salads or superfoods you eat, you just don’t seem to feel better. It’s as if they ‘stopped working,’ and you wonder, what’s wrong with me?


Living from your Higher Self

Happy, healthy and radiant: You stay rooted in the consciousness of who you truly are, and so the light of the soul shines through. Your body stays in very good health and you feel energized from the inside out.

Inner beauty, outer shine: You have attained the knowing of true beauty and your virtues and good wishes shine through the light of your eyes. Your body and organs work in harmony and function optimally. You stay healthy, wealthy and happy. Maintaining good health is easy.

Go Beyond Superficial, Old-Paradigm, Short-Term Change that doesn’t last. These Exclusive New Tools Can Now Bring this State of Supreme Freedom, Real Soul Connection and Abundance into Your Life within Weeks

When you begin living from a Higher State of Consciousness, you’ll experience profound, lasting transformation in every area of your life. You’ll want to dance, laugh, cry… your life will change—in the blink of an eye.

All of a sudden, when you least expect it, you’ll discover you have spiritual powers you never knew existed and be able to tap into ways of being that you’d never even heard about.

I know this because I’ve experienced sudden blissful awakening in my own life, as well as witnessed it in countless others. It’s as if suddenly… the light is turned on.

If you choose to do the same, then I’m really so happy for you! And I’m happier to be able to share with you all the tools and techniques that I’ve used to shift my Being into higher states of consciousness and accumulation in my spiritual bank account.

So here it is…


Your 21 Days to Freedom

The 21 Day Spiritual Journey to increase your level of consciousness, fill your spiritual bank account and automatically magnetize your heart’s true desires

Here’s what you get in your 21 Days to Freedom Course:

21 Days to Freedom
Leading Edge Spiritual Technology

Your complete guide to awakening your Higher Self, raising your level of consciousness and living a life of personal freedom, spiritual attainment and unlimited wealth on all levels.

Every day, for 21 days, you will receive one Awakening audio. Each audio is a step on the staircase of higher consciousness using advanced spiritual technology that has been rediscovered in recent times. These are deep and profound teachings that will unlock your intellect and open your Mind to higher truth, awareness and freedom. Calibrated at over 900 on David Hawkin’s levels of consciousness, these audios are direct messages from the One.

You will receive an audio or meditation each day of your 21 days to Freedom. Each audio goes deep into explaining the missing pieces to spirituality – the eternal truths that few people talk or teach about.

As you listen, you the soul, will remember these Truths of Ascension. Simply by listening to these audios, your level of consciousness will raise and you will experience greater spiritual power and peace instantly. All that is required is to let go and be open to your personal ascension.

How do these benefit you practically?

You will understand the deepest answers to life’s most pressing questions.

Have you ever wanted a reliable tool to help you get the answers to life’s deepest questions, such as, Who am I, really? And how do I live a successful spiritual life and create good karma and fortune for myself?

These audios allow you to quickly and easily get these answers and start to integrate expanded awareness and understanding into your life. You will have the knowledge and experience you need to ‘charge’ yourself up with spiritual power and navigate through your life free of obstacles and with the heightened level of peace and consciousness to masterfully turn every life experience, good or bad, into a great success.

Total Freedom.
Complete Bliss.
Unlimited Wealth.

This is your
spiritual birthright.

4 Guided Freedom Meditations

Easily and instantly ascend to higher consciousness.

Are you feeling lost and not sure what to do? Maybe you have a problem at work or you’re in a relationship that is burdening you. Or maybe you just need some inspiration to bring you back up to that peaceful and blissful state of awareness where all problems are easily and effortlessly solved.

These 30-60 minute guided meditations will connect you to the Source of all spiritual power; the Presence that loves you and fills you with peace and the answers you seek. The more you connect with this Presence, the happier, healthier and wealthier you become.

The Specific Topics of each Freedom Meditation are as follows:

  • The 3 Worlds: Did you know there are more worlds than just one? You can stop being trapped and limited by this physical world, and experience two magical places.
  • Companion Detached Observer: Meet your eternal companion and learn how to live life in an effortless flow of ease, wealth and freedom.
  • Non-dual Meditation: Tap into the experience of non-duality in an instant. Liberation in a second…
  • Watching your Creation: Leverage the abundance in your reality with the ability to see your creation clearly.

Your Spiritual Awakening PDFs

Keep stock of your spiritual and financial accumulation with this invaluable resource

Your companion PDFs go hand-in-hand with your 21 awakening audios. This powerful ascension companion helps you to stay focused and clear on your progress, and helps to organize your life practically for maximum benefit.

The practical exercises in these PDFs serve as a companion on your course journey. You are able to map out your ‘wealth’ accumulation – seeing practically how much wealth you are accumulating in your spiritual bank account. The best part is you will start to see changes in your experience of external wealth as you are going through this course, too. As within, so without.

That’s not all – you can further lock in your elevated level of consciousness by listening to these Bonus Meditations

Manmanabhav Advanced

The most powerful spiritual practice in the world

Yes, that’s a big statement, but it’s true! This is the single, most powerful technique you can learn. You will be able to instantly dissolve negative thinking, negative emotions and energy into thin air – as if ‘poof’ these worries and troubles are gone. Manmanabhav is the one spiritual practice to always have in your heart and use often.

Expanded Consciousness

Open your mind to a state of self-mastery

Ever feel like sometimes you just get lucky, and sometimes you don’t?

This meditation helps you be fortunate all the time. It brings you into a state of awareness in which you are completely open to allowing in the life you want and the opportunities that are truly for your highest good. You will feel rooted in who you really are, and your entire Being will be a magnet for joy, synchronicity, love and wealth.

What People Are Saying About This Program

“I couldn’t imagine my life without this program.”

“The Freedom Course was very deep and extraordinary. It’s something I keep coming back to.  I LOVE the audios. As always… the meditations were superb. From the course I have learned that I still must continue to delve deeper to gain Eternal Freedom. I am a wonderful work in progress. It is amazing how much I have grown and my mission in life has grown over the past 3 years. The 21 Days for Freedom Tools continue to be a powerful resource for me and I couldn’t imagine my life without them.”

Amy Miller

Transcendence Theatre Company

“This is not the same old stuff, if you want your life to take a miraculous change for the better, then sign up now.”

“I fully recommend this course if you want to have more clarity,more peace, more contentment, direction and more connection with what’s real and divine in your life. The daily support and informative discussions and information sharing goes above and beyond expectations as Michael generously shares his love, knowledge and wisdom in an intensive life changing program.”

Shelley Hanna

Author, Registered Psychologist and Jewelry Designer

“I experienced my own spirituality and had breakthroughs on all levels of my life like never before.”

“The Eternal Freedom Course was life changing. It is more experiential, and less about theory. It taught me how to live my life as my true self, rather than from my ego. I began attracting more and more opportunity into my life and business. It was as if by magic, the universe responded to my elevated consciousness.”

Karl Uselman

Technology Consultant and Productivity Expert

“Thank you for having the ability to share such vastness in a way that really helps one experience IT.”

“I’m so thankful to be able to witness more easily and be in grace more frequently. The Eternal Freedom Course brought me into a state of consciousness where I could suddenly attract that which was in my mind and on my heart. So so profound. Michael guides you into realizing the most important and deepest truths.”

Cindy Aikman

Naam Yoga Instructor

I’m a Changed Person. The magic of how things change after you go through ‘The Purifier’. Yes. You did a good job on this course. Thanks for being Authentic and Sharing Your Wisdom

“What I’ve learned and enjoyed In the Eternal Freedom Course and what’s been Meaningful: Knowing your makeshift home made model for the relationship of the Mind, Physical world, 3rd eye, subconscious, and purifier/Companion. It’s a great map of reality. Finally getting to know the relationship. Thank You Mike. This makes the understanding of the ‘Purifier’ vs energy very clear. It show chi verses shen as clearly different.”

Paul S. Mamakos

This course is something I will most likely listen to over and over since there is so much wisdom contained within it.

I finished your 21 days to freedom course and am going back and doing again. This course is something I will most likely listen to over and over since there is so much wisdom contained within it.
I have been listening to your meditations daily and am really trying to connect more deeply with my companion.
It’s been so beautiful to see even just for a moment the truth of what you’re teaching.
I still have a long way to go but just those little glimpses of bliss are enough to keep me moving forward.

much love and appreciation to you both


– Naia Scherer

What’s the value of this program?

Those who have gone through this program have told us it is invaluable.

In fact, it’s impossible to even begin to put a price on eternal spiritual wealth that lasts forever.

Some other programs, that are no where near as powerful as this, cost up to $10,000 or more.

So how much do we charge for this?

What is reasonable?

And should this be available to everyone – or just those who can afford to pay for it?

After some deep thought and consideration we decided to do something that very few other companies have had the guts to do.

We decided to remove all obstacles and make this program available at a massive discount.

Start today and get

Available right now behind this page :

  • 21 Days to Freedom Audios ($997+ Value/Invaluable)
  • Spiritual Companion Workbook ($44 Value)
  • 4 Guided Meditations ($84 Value)

Plus The Following Bonuses :

  • BONUS #1: Advanced Manmanabhav Meditation  ($25 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Expanded Consciousness Meditation ($25 Value)

A powerful 21 day course to awaken higher states of consciousness and experience practical enlightenment in your own life.

Enroll Now

Your complete, peace-of-mind, money-back guarantee

This program comes with a solid 100% peace of mind money back guarantee.

We believe all the risk should be on us – not you. We believe you deserve to test drive this program out for yourself without any worry what-so-ever. When you start this program, you will have a complete 60 days to tune in, listen to the audios, enjoy the meditations and experience the shifts in your life.

If for any reason what-so-ever you feel this program is not for you, simply email us and we will give you a prompt and loving refund.

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