Attention Souls Ready to Find Your Aligned Partner…

“We believe that a soul mate relationship has the power to change the world.

We believe that world transformation will come only when we have learned to love ourselves and others deeply and unconditionally and have created true love in our most intimate relationship first.“

“These secrets are how
we’ve helped men and women all
over the globe discover true,
aligned relationship…”

Dear friend seeking your aligned partner,

Have you ever wondered what it takes to find the love of your life? Is it your dream to find a life partner who will love, cherish, and adore you, for who you are?

Are you ready to find “the one”?

To enjoy the comfort and support of someone who really cares. Someone who respects you and with whom you can share everything.

“A best friend and a soul mate all in one.”

“Imagine someone who actually helps you to ascend spiritually and lifts you up. Keeps you growing and evolving.”

Someone who celebrates your Essence and loves you unconditionally. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

What is your current reality?

Are you frustrated by broken relationships, missed connections, and the loneliness of searching for someone to spend the rest of your life with?

Are you, perhaps, in a relationship, and still feel a disconnection, lack of depth, and stagnant in your personal and spiritual growth?

Have you…

  • Given up on the chance of true, deep love?
  • Been judged for who you are and not accepted in relationships
  • Not felt ‘met’ by previous partners and squashed to remain ‘small’
  • Feared being alone for the rest of your life

We’ve been there too.

And now, we are out the other end blessed by one another’s presence beyond measure. We are here to help you find your enlightened relationship, too.

Michael has been on a spiritual path since he was 18. He became vegetarian, gave up alcohol and other intoxicants and even decided to be celibate – so he could experience the life of a real yogi, one who’s life is devoted to looking within and connecting to God above all else. This path was highly liberating for quite some time. His entire outlook on life changed dramatically and he went through massive spiritual growth and transformation as he experienced advanced states of consciousness and tapping into universal love and eternal bliss…

Our Story

Michael has been on a spiritual path since he was 18.

Michael MackintoshHe became vegetarian, gave up alcohol and other intoxicants and even decided to be celibate – so he could experience the life of a real yogi, one who’s life is devoted to looking within and connecting to God above all else.

This path was highly liberating for quite some time. His entire outlook on life changed dramatically and he went through massive spiritual growth and transformation as he experienced advanced states of consciousness and tapping into universal love and eternal bliss…

“He thought he had attained it all – until gradually, he began to realize “there was something missing from my life”…His soul mate, His life partner”

…Someone who he could share all this love he felt with, someone he could dance and play with and experience all the wonders of life by their side, look into their eyes and enjoy deep spiritual connection and love that was beyond words.

Michael fought with himself for years – and had several failed, weird relationships that were never fully committed or clear. His heart was so wounded he remembers to this day lying in a field wanting to die. The pain was severe.

After that Michael escaped England and moved to Hawaii – a place known for love.

That is where he found his first glimpse of true love. But it was only a glimpse and after a series of failed relationships and more headache he finally decided to give up the search.

But before he did, he wrote a list. A magic list of what his sweet heart would be like. How she would feel to be with, how she would speak, her way of being, her scent and touch. In detail, Michael poured out his heart and after one final heart-break, he abandoned his list and promised himself to just do the inner work on himself and become all the things he sought until the day that this person appeared. And unless they matched the entire list, he would not succumb to temptation and wait for Her instead..

Enter Arielle

Just out of college in Texas, Arielle was the queen of boyfriends. She had boyfriends since she was in preschool! A very loving soul, she always attracted a love.

But after many, many unsatisfactory relationships…

“Arielle surrendered her heart to the Divine, her true Beloved. She decided to focus on her spiritual connection with Source and the expansion of her own self-love and compassion.”

A yogi at heart as well, Arielle, too had spent the past few years exploring meditation, consciousness and the truth of looking within to free oneself.

In March of 2012, Arielle received strong intuitive guidance to go to Kauai. She has never even been to the Hawaiian islands – but she was clear she needed to come to Kauai. Not even completely knowing why, Arielle said ‘Yes’ … and the Universe aligned to make it happen. Always a leap of faith kinda girl, Arielle trusted in her heart and answered the call to come to Kauai…

“What happened next? How did Michael and Arielle meet and attract each other?”

… We wish to share this with you, along with all of the specific and rare things we did in order to attract each other.

“Are you ready to take the leap of faith
into the life of your dreams?”

We have designed a course just for you, one that will guide you to your true love. Give you all of the tips and practices we did to attract each other.

We gathered our learning and techniques from some very unconventional places – from India to Hawaii and far beyond.

We have specific and essential secrets to share with you, that will set you directly and swiftly on your path to receiving your sweet heart. Before you know it, ‘the ONE’ for you will be in your arms, looking into your eyes and opening your heart.
You deserve it! Everyone on this planet does.

We believe that sacred, soulmate relationships will change the world.

“When a man and woman come together in a sacred, pure and intentional way, the entire fabric of the old paradigm shakes and a new golden age begins to birth forth.”

World transformation will come only when we have learned to love ourselves and others deeply and unconditionally and have created love in our most intimate relationships first.

That’s why after 15 years of inner and outer growth we have designed:

“Calling in Your Beloved:
The Deepest Soul Mate Secrets”

The only Relationship Course for Spiritually Minded People Who are Ready for True Love

“Calling in your Beloved: The Deepest Soul Mate Secrets” was one of the best and most important learning experiences of my life. It was exactly everything I needed to hear. Believe it or not but I actually met an amazing girl the very first day I started the course (talk about synchronicity!) and almost 5 months later things are going amazingly, largely because of everything I was taught in the course. Thank you guys so much and keep up the great work!”

Andre Cavalier

“I just LOVE your thoughts on alignment, so damn Logical and beautiful! I wish I’d known you guys years ago!!! Some years ago I actually went into my local bookshop for some sort of relationship “how to”! Felt I hadn’t a clue, no inspiring relationships to look up to, no Manual, no signposts!

Love is the founding Stone of our lives, loving all those in our lives. This course however goes straight to the heart of things. Actually having the nerve to stand up and say enough, now this is what is going to work for me and not feel guilty about it…! I love it. This is SO essential not just for couples everywhere but for giving their children a safe loving Environment to Bloom in and being an Inspiration to others. Everybody wins!!! I must be honest that as I’m married I felt a bit “guilty” doing your course but you are giving me clarity. You guys are so unique for doing this and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Much appreciation! Well done and I wish you much love (of course..!) and happiness and joy every day 🙂 ”

Lee Shaefer

Here are the Stages You Will Learn In This Program…

S   T   A   G   E     1

The Soul Mate Code: The Blueprint to Love That Never Ends

Discovering what do you truly desire?

  • The depths of Love – why love can change your life forever
  • The story behind how Michael & Arielle met…a personal journey of love gone wrong and how love came back home at last (and how you can turn your love life around)
  • The ‘Magic Attraction List’ to Guaranteed Lasting Love and Happiness (you can’t do without this list- and once you do it – you’ll realize why all your past relationships were not right for you…)
  • The True Love Formula Explained: What it really takes to find your soul mate
  • How to find the love of your life without losing your soul. Discover the love that helps you to become yourself and grow
  • Love’s biggest tragedies and how to avoid them forever

S   T   A   G   E     2

Clearing Out the Old – Calling in ‘The One’

  • The Secret to Setting Up Your Heart & Home for Love
  • The “Releasing A Past Love” method – to free up old energy that is holding you in the past
  • How to Connect to The SOURCE of true love (this is one of the main missing pieces in most relationship courses and why most relationships fail. Learn this and you’ll never be lonely or without love ever again.)
  • True love vs Media Brainwashing: Liberating you from Love Myths that have held you back and opening you to new levels of love
  • De-Programming of negative beliefs and ideas that have held you back from attracting your soul mate

S   T   A   G   E     3

Becoming So Magnetic To Your Beloved The Whole Universe Conspires To Make It Happen!

  • Leveraging the Universe for Love – The Advanced Law of Attraction Method They Don’t Tell You About
  • The BLISS on Tap Method – to feel so good anywhere any time that you glow with love all around you
  • How to become so attractive to your soul mate you’ll have a hard time stopping Dating Your Self
  • Where to find your soul mate (or should you even be looking)?

It’s our mission to ensure you receive your Beloved relationship and become a shining example of pure love to the world.
This program and method is tried, tested and true to create miracles… and we are overjoyed to share this with you!

“My heart was opened another level and I saw how hard I had become and how closed my heart was. The tears were surprising and so amazing. I have changed it feels like on a molecular level. Thank you for your walk and your really getting what IS and being able to share it in a way that MOVES MOUNTAINS.”

Cindy Aikman

“I love you and the example you are setting for all of us. What a great comfort and inspiration”

Jaya Shapiro

“We want YOU to have
what we have
(in your own unique way)”

Want to know more about what you get in your program?

Relationships will either ruin your life or
create your most amazing life.
They are the most important thing we have.

“In this program you will receive:”

  • 44 Powerful Audios to make you magnetic to your Beloved
  • Guided Meditations To Activate the LOVE ZONE

Calling in Your Beloved will show you how to take control of your romantic destiny by using the Law of Attraction.

In this 44 audio course (which can be taken at your own pace), we reveal an ancient formula that our universe is set up to deliver the people and things into our lives that are consistent with our personal belief system.

We will share with you our personal experience to show you that in order to find the relationship that will last a lifetime, you have to be truly open and ready to create loving, committed, romantic union.

“For the first time, we are
releasing this information to help you…”

  • Attract the love of your life, your soulmate
  • Break patterns that have delayed love from coming into your life
  • Put your past behind you so you are fully available for love
  • Send out an undeniable invitation to that person who is earmarked just for you
  • Lift you to a place where no one is “out of your league”
  • Arrive into the arms of the most beautiful person you have ever met, your One

The techniques, rituals, and projects found within this program will allow you to prepare your home, body, mind, and spirit for the lover your heart truly desires.

In this never-released before training you will learn…

  • The #1 Secret To Lasting Love
  • The Magic formula that dissolves all negativity, resentment and anger in a relationship and re-starts it fresh
  • How to experience unconditional love in yourself anywhere any time – even if you’re partner is ‘annoying’ you

How the Program Works:

After purchase, you will receive the full 44 audio program – suitable to put straight onto your iphone or ipod.

Each recording will take you deeper into the clearing of past behaviors and beliefs, and the renewal of new, enlightened relationship thinking and attracting.

Each audio builds from the last and will keep you growing and transforming.

Studies show is takes 21 days to let go of old habit and beliefs, and 21 days to create new habits and beliefs.

That’s why we are giving you 44 audios. Listen to one everyday and witness your transformation…

“ By the end of this program, you will be vibrating at your highest and most compatible resonance to attract your Beloved.”

How to reserve your seat?

Just click this button and get started.
Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime… one that will change your heart’s divine destiny forever?

Already in a relationship?
But know it’s not the one…

Join us! This deeply transformative program will guide you to the ‘One’ you are meant to be with. And, may even bring out the ‘soul mate’ in your mate!

Your sweet heart is waiting for you, and NOW is the time to take action.

“Yes,! I’m ready to attract my soul-mate!”

Calling in Your Beloved Training Includes…

  • 44 Content-Rich Audios Including…
  • The Proven Love Attraction Method (Guided Meditation)
  • The SoulMate Blueprint
  • The Free-motional Letting Go Technique
  • Becoming Magnetic to your true Beloved… (and so many more)

“We invite YOU to listen to your heart about taking action now…”

We hope you’ll give yourself this important life and love resource. Taking this step now will bring you so much closer to your sweet heart’s arms… and living a life of peace, ease and great love and success.

Think about the ease and contentment you will feel when you have your soul mate by your side!
We invite you to say, “Yes!” now from a place of love for your Beloved… and for yourself!

We want you to know that even if you don’t always believe in yourself – and even if you may not have had the easiest time with love and relationships before – you CAN turn things around. You truly can, and we know you’ll look back on this day and be glad you took a leap of faith and attracted to love of your life to you.

“The truth is… if your heart is lonely, you are never truly happy.”

Every second of your life is precious. Make each moment count starting right NOW and let’s make this world a more beautiful place. Starting with you and your sweet heart! You are amazing!

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